Social Media Insights: Europe & Asia


This post is co-authored by Jeff Dobrinsky and Jackie Davalos.

Yesterday, we shared how social media differentiates a city. We highlighted out host cities in the Americas; today we want you to see what sets apart our European and Asian cities:


As the most ethnically and culturally diverse city in Germany with a 3.52 million population representing 180 countries, Berlin is where the social media magic begins. A mecca of art, music and revered universities, Berlin offers a canvas for today’s innovative generation. Interestingly, however, nearly 40% of Germany’s population never or rarely log on. With 2,500 tech companies that employ some 30,000 people, social media has never been more relevant.


As Italy’s second major business and cultural center, Torino is the birthplace of Fiat, telecommunications giant Telecom Italia and it is the core for Italy’s aerospace industry. A small city of 900,569 with 13.5% comprised of foreigners from Romania, Morocco, Peru and China, SMW Torino hopes to impact this diverse hub of history, contemporary art and industry.


At 89% London has the highest number of internet users in the UK, of these, 46% of users are under 40 and spend an average of 6.5 hours on social media. What’s more, social media sites capture the largest share of display ads making exposure to brands a pervasive feature. The 2012 London Olympics is a prime example of how popular brands like McDonald’s, Visa, and Coca-Cola capitalized on social media’s reach.


With 1.1 square meters per person and a 19 million population to accommodate, Mumbai has been expanding into different space: social media. Its Facebook user base has amassed 3.7 million, a small number in proportion to India’s collective population, with a male-female of 73%-24%. While companies like Enterprise Social Media have increased clout, social media is available for only 60% of the entire Indian audience, an issue that can begin resolution in India’s financial capital, Mumbai.

Europe and Asia boasts strong tech, startup and social media leaders, all of which has us very excited for this September. Will you be joining us?

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