Social Media: How to Find Your Brand’s Voice


brand voice how to find

“People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou

Influencing and persuading an audience requires connecting with them emotionally, but most of today’s content marketing is simply brand advertising in disguise. Tapping into brand voice, and using it consistently, lets organizations build trust and emotional connection, increase social follows and stand out among same-category competitors.

Brand voice comes directly from an organization’s purpose, mission and values. Writing for Branding Strategy Insider, Thompson Dawson outlines why voice is essential to content creation and how brands can find it. Here’s an excerpt:

Brand Voice is simply the quality of the brand’s presence in the marketplace. At every interaction with the audience, the brand’s voice (the manner in which it communicates its purpose, values, reputation and experiences) must be created and managed with precision.


That means, marketers have a greater responsibility to not let the voice of their brand be at the whim of the latest creative or style trend, appear sloppy, inconsistent and mindless.


Leading brands always consider how customers and consumers will receive their blogs, websites, social media channels and content creation output. In the social media age, this is one area in the branding ecosystem that must be spot on without compromise.

Read Dawson’s full post here.

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