Social Media Face Off: Nars vs. Bobbi Brown


Social Media Face Off: Nars vs. Bobbi Brown image FaceOff nars bobbibrown

When it comes to cosmetics there are a lot of choices out there. Most makeup brands claim to have the secret to longer lashes and plump lips, but we’re more interested in what brands have the best social. To help you pick your next palette, we’ve put two of the top makeup lines—Nars and Bobbi Brown—head-to-head in this week’s Social Media Face Off.

In order to compare the brands in social media, we set up search streams for each brand in the uberVU platform, making sure to include each brand’s official Twitter handle (@narsissist and @BobbiBrown). We’ve compared the results from the past two weeks to determine our winner.

Get your compacts ready. Let’s see which brand is beautifying social.

Round One: Mentions

Nars comes out strong in round one with 25,315 mentions, crushing the 1,963 mentions of Bobbi Brown.

Social Media Face Off: Nars vs. Bobbi Brown image mentions1

Winner: Nars

Round Two: Sentiment

Let’s see how the brands compared when it came to the sentiment behind those mentions. While Bobbi Brown had the fewer amount of total mentions, those mentions had a high sentiment level with 46% of the mentions registering as positive and only 5% registering as negative. Nars also had 5% negativity, but its positivity score came in far behind with just 28% of comments registering as positive. Not a bad number, but no contest for Bobbi Brown’s sentiment level.

Social Media Face Off: Nars vs. Bobbi Brown image sentiment2

Winner: Bobbi Brown

Round Three: Conversation Mapping

In round three we’ll take a deeper dive into the mentions to see what social is buzzing about in relation to each brand. The makeup brands have pretty similar conversation maps with product-related words—foundation, collection, eye, lip, palette—and the same competitor—MAC—appearing on both maps. Both maps are also positive with “love” appearing, but Nars has both “love” and “love Nars” on its map. Double love = winner.

Social Media Face Off: Nars vs. Bobbi Brown image convo maps

Winner: Nars

Overall Winner: Nars

With wins in overall mentions and conversation mapping we declare the winner of this Social Media Face Off to be Nars. Strike a pose, Nars!

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