How Social Media can boost your business


How Social Media can boost your business


How Social Media can boost your business

In the past, many businesses hesitated in using social media to boost their business. However, as the technology evolved, different social media platforms such as, Twitter, Instragram, Facebook and LinkedIn became a new language of communication for new and old businesses.

Consequently, large companies now spend huge amounts of money on social media campaigns, with appropriate strategies. SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) with small marketing budgets also uses social media tools to get their names out there too.

Further, these types of media mediums are generating excellent engagement numbers for businesses that have made it standard practice to employ them in a pertinent and creative manner.

Social media offers diverse benefits for business owners. The evolution of social media channels means that you need to be aware of general and as well as channel-specific hacks to fulfil your social media marketing objectives.

Moreover, it does not have a complicated or time consuming procedure. With a little effort and relevant strategy, these free tools can generate exposure of business products to home and abroad market.

Here are five ways where social media enable to you to grow your business:

Understand your customers

Being interesting and creative is important on social networks as the aim is to attract the attention of potential customers. Thus, you need to know who you are speaking to. It is essential that businesses (big & small) should research what your customers do with social media, and which platforms they prefer. Concentrate on engaging with them and joining in conversations, rather than trying to reach the most number of people. If your strategy and the content are good enough, it will grow spontaneously and reach a wider audience on its own.

Give a reason to spend time with you

Just appearing in the search isn’t enough. You need more to stand for something within your space.  In other words, if you are a butcher, provide content and features of the best meat, or recipes of cooking the meat or any online tutorials of cutting the meat. Similarly, if you are a clothes shop feature articles on the latest trends.

Build relationships with your customers in a way that big corporations can’t

Microsoft cannot reply to every Tweet or a Facebook query, but you can. Treat every conversations on an individual basis, especially if you are offering services. Because if you create a good relationship with your customer, it highly probable he will buy and recommend your product/service.

Similarly, do not hesitate to overview what other competitors are doing. Your business may be different in size and in the service you offer, but chances are that the big names are doing something right with a similar group of people so do not be afraid to cherry pick their strategies which work.

Grow your base

Reaching out subscribers, friends and followers are key to create a successful and creative social media campaign. One of the many ways to find new customers is to run paid adverts on Twitter or Facebook, other ways is through a LinkedIn premium subscription that enables to reach out potential customers.

Alternatively to attract more subscribers to your Facebook page is to immediately forward the link to new followers on Twitter. Further, more creative techniques should be employed on other social media platforms to capture the interest of members of your audience when you already created their interest in your product/services.

Make use of free advice and tools

Google organizes regular seminars for SMEs where they provide advice and tips on improving your online business reach. They are called Google Juice Bars and their workshops are free to attend. Further, you can also use Google Analytics, a free service that allows you to see how many people have visited your website, what they searched for when they found your page, which pages they visited and so on. This knowledge will be invaluable when trying to tailor your social profile to your customers.


Author Bio: Catriona Cerys is a professional blog writer, and loves to share his ideas related to social media and businesses. She currently associated with one of the known online dissertation writing services where he crafts academic papers.


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