Social Media: Bringing Brands A Little Closer to You


This post was written by Winston La.


Once upon a time, marketers sought mediums, such as radios, billboards. and T.V. commercials, to promote businesses. Then, came e-mail, and shortly after, Facebook. Now, we have Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

As we progress into the future, social media becomes ever more important to marketers because it brings businesses and people closer. People love to participate in competition, and by offering prizes for “liking,” “following,” “hashtagging,” or referring others, the audience grows. So, Offerpop looked at what brands need to know in Powering the Consumer Journey with Social Marketing.

The show “Live with Kelly and Michael” obtained more than 17,000 entries for a photo contest alone, and saw a 1400% return of investment after implementing a Twitter campaign and offering coupons as prizes. It seems contests are a winner for all.

But that doesn’t mean you should ever underestimate the power of word of mouth. A recent survey reveals that 92% of people trust friends and family over any brand advertising. This means organic referrals and mentions are key. As Alison Dempsey of Amazon’s Quidsi said during the event, “It’s not about a referral; it is about sharing a photo of a your happy kid and posting it on Instagram.”

Social media expands the reach of a brand to a wider audience. Followers, likes, and hashtags are just a few of the channels to reach an audience. The scary part: Facebook, while still a powerful medium, is getting old. So, the future is going to be interesting.

Winston La is a senior at IN-Tech Academy and a member of the MOUSE Corps program for three years. He likes tinkering with various gadgets and odd news. Follow him @winstontla.

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