Social Media And Crime


We have all heard stories of how burglars, sexual predators, and identity thieves can use the information that you post about yourself on the internet to find out detailed information about you that they can use against you. This infographic on social media and crime presents us with staggering statistics that may make you think twice before Tweeting or posting that Facebook update.

We all knew that there was cyber crime out there, but with 1 million people falling victim to it every day, it really just feels like a matter of time before we are faced with an impossible to win situation. But what can we do about this? What does this say about the information that we choose to share? We live in a world where people are quick to put their whole lives on display. If you look at the status updates that some people post, it seems like a treasure map of their city that you can follow to find their exact coordinates. It seems that the new millennium has become a stalker’s paradise.

This becomes even more scary when you realize that there are millions of social media users who are small children. These children are following the lead and uploading pictures of themselves and their friends at school, out and about, and even standing in front of their houses. We are setting an example that our children should be on display at all times, when the only people who should really know that kind of information about their lives are close friends and family.

While this news may seem disheartening, law enforcement seems to rise to the challenges faced by the opacity of social media. Police departments have set up Facebook and Twitter profiles to gather information about suspects. Not only that, they use the technology to send important updates directly to the public, and to be able to respond to any nefarious action.

The landscape of society is certainly different now than it was even 10 years ago. Social media is here to stay. However, do you think we are capable of redefining our relationship with it?

[Via: Instant Checkmate]

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