SOCIAL LOGINS: Strong 3Q for Facebook


Janrain3Q2014SocialLoginPreferences650Facebook’s share of social logins rose 2 percent in the third quarter of 2014 from the second quarter, to 46 percent, driven largely by a 9 percent bump-up in the entertainment category, according to the latest report from customer-profile-management technology provider Janrain, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer.

Google maintained its hold on second place, according to Janrain, but Facebook’s lead over Google was back up to double-digits in terms of percentage, after Google had narrowed the gap to 5 percent in the first quarter of 2014.

Other findings by Janrain included:

  • Twitter posted a strong 1.3 percent gain in social login share, driven largely by consumer brand sites.
  • Other sites that performed well were Instagram, Amazon and PayPal.
  • Looking at business-to-business sites, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook were neck-and-neck.

Janrain added in its report:

Despite reports of privacy concerns and young people abandoning the network, Facebook’s value to consumers as a social login provider shows no signs of declining. Facebook increased its lead over Google during the past quarter, marking its second consecutive quarter of growth. Yahoo slipped to its lowest share ever, with Twitter picking up momentum in third place.

Facebook had big gains on entertainment, gaming and music properties during the third quarter. Its share of logins on these sites grew by nearly 10 percent in the past year — nearly entirely at the expense of Twitter and Yahoo, both of which lost half the market share they had at this time in 2013. We believe Facebook’s growth was spurred by the ubiquity of Facebook Login on popular music sites such as Spotify, Pandora and Beats Music, which has helped condition consumers to use Facebook to connect on similar types of sites.

Readers: Did any of Janrain’s findings for the third quarter of 2014 surprise you?