SMToolbox: Acquire Social Superpowers with Brandwatch Signals


What is being said about your brand on social media right now? Is a relevant hashtag suddenly trending?

If you are like me, you are busy and it is not easy to stay on top of all the feeds, all the time, 24 hours a day. Unfortunately it means there are times when I see social chats mentioning our brand or a hashtag that we should have engaged in much earlier. I comfort myself that I can’t be everywhere all the time and that I don’t have super sensory powers to tell me every time a comment about us starts to trend on social. Well, thanks to Brandwatch Signals I have now acquired the superpower I always wanted.

Brandwatch Signals

The Brandwatch Signals product creates a simple but powerful form of alert. If you have ever watched Spiderman or read the comic, you will know that Spiderman has a sixth sense: a spider-sense that alerts him of any potential threats and dangers. (For those who are interested, this spider-sense power first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #1 in 1963).  You can think of Brandwatch Signals as your own spider-sense, which will alert you to any potential dangers on social media and allow you to take action. Signals will alert you, for example, to a sudden increase in retweets of a tweet about your brand or an increase in tweets about a particular hashtag. This allows you to dive in to see what is happening and to engage quickly.

Setting Up a Brandwatch Alert

Signals are found in Brandwatch in the Alerts section. Just click the Signals menu option as shown below.

brandwatch signals

Setting up a signal is as easy as choosing the data source from your Brandwatch dashboard, then choosing when you want to be alerted (such as all signals or just high priority signals) and who you want the alert mailed to. You can mail the alert to anyone, even if they don’t have Brandwatch access. So you can set up alerts for clients or colleagues.

Signla set up

Receiving Brandwatch Signal Notifications

Once you have set up your signal you can relax; your new superpower will start tingling as soon as there is a spike or a social post starts trending. Okay, maybe not tingling, but you will get an email to notify you. Below is an example email I received this week.

social signals

In this case there was a sudden spike in mentions of BuzzSumo in North America, which was due to a Tweet Chat. The mail shows you the growth in mentions and the most influential mentions and allows you to click through immediately to your dashboard to review what is happening.

So now you can feel like a superhero. You can set up signals to be alerted to any social media spikes for your own brand, for your client brands and any hashtags you are keen to leverage and engage with.

You can check out Signals for yourself at

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