Smart Social Media Stories of the Week [September 8 – 12, 2014]

Posted by Jessica Miller on 12 Sep 2014 / 0 Comment

Fresh from the cab that delivered you from the airport, you drop your luggage on the floor, feed your cat, and fire-up your laptop to see what you’ve missed all week while you laid on the beach, sipped mojitos, read People or Car and Driver, and thought nothing of social media. Your inbox is littered with updates from the hippest social media RSS feeds, but you need look no further than this week’s Smart Social Media stories compiled for you right here at Socially Stacked. You’re welcome. Oh, and welcome back!

How to Capture Prospects Using Social Media

Everyone probably knows that social media is great for casting a large net over an audience in hopes of catching a few new customers, but what if you’re interested in using social media to prospect for new business and not just to et the people who fall in your lap? Social Media Today provides the missing link between attracting a few minnows or catching that prize fish lurking just a few fathoms deeper.

Facebook Contest Apps: Which One to Choose

Facebook contests are the hottest way for businesses to promote themselves since those wacky inflatable dancing tube guys came along. As a result of the popularity of running Facebook contests, myriad services have popped up to choose from. If you’re looking to jump on the contest bandwagon, but can’t find the time to research which contest builder might be right for you, this article’s got you covered. Razorsocial looks at the top-five contest builders and gives you the ins, outs, ups, and downs of all of them.

5 Tips for Running Successful Social Media Campaigns

Once you’ve run the gauntlet and found the right campaign building service to use, you still have the looming task of deciding what type of campaign to run. You may have a general idea, but the quality contest builders have so many options to choose from. Check out this road map for making strategic decisions that will get you from start to finish in building a successful campaign.

 The Shift to Native Advertising in Marketing

Although, controversial, native advertising — sponsored editorial content — is on the rise for the simple fact that, no matter how “gross” (John Oliver compares it to dipping a Twizzler in guacamole), it works. Check out this infographic to see how native advertising is measuring up against other more conventional methods.

Apple will be the First Trillion Dollar Company

Love them or hate them, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6s this week, which consumed the tech media (of course). In this article from entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, he makes the case that Apple has only just begun. It’s a bold prediction to say the least.

That’s from here. What did you read this week that you think we should take a look at? Please share! And until next time….stay social.