Smart Social Media Stories of the Week [July 28 – 31, 2014]

Posted by Chelsea Hejny on 01 Aug 2014 / 0 Comment

If you’ve gone this week without reading these five articles, stop right now and prepare yourself for a productive 20-minute break.

Do you have a fresh cup of joe or a snack in hand? If so, you’re all set to dive into this week’s need-to-read social media marketing articles.

Okay, let’s go!

1. How to Use Facebook Gated Campaigns for Leads and to Grow Your List 

Are you familiar with the term action-gating? If you’re saying to yourself, “action-what?,” here’s an article from Social Media Examiner that will explain it all. In short, action-gating is a tactic that can help businesses capture leads and user information more efficiently. Check out the SME article for three great examples of companies successfully using this method.

2. Why Facebook Application Providers Will Disappear?

Is your business falling out of love with Facebook? You might be in the same boat as a lot of companies. In this article from the social media marketing blog Razor Social, Ian Cleary talks about a major shift that’s happening in the Facebook app industry. Read this article to stay informed, as this news will likely shape the way you’ll want to market your business online in the future.

3. The Definitive Guide to Using Save on Facebook

Facebook recently launched a new bookmarking tool that allows users to save posts so that they can view them later. If you’re anything like us, screenshotting great status updates from brands to use as examples in blog posts, you’re going to find this new feature extremely useful. What to learn more about this exciting new Facebook tool? Read this in depth post from Christian Karasiewicz, he’s a social media consultant, speaker and friend to the ShortStack crew.

4/5. How to Navigate the Facebook Ad Campaign Maze

On a regular basis we get a decent amount of questions about Facebook ads. That’s why, to conclude this list, we have two posts from one of Inside Facebook’s contributors David Serfaty. Serfaty is the director of social advertising at Matomy Media Group, i.e. a real Facebook ads pro. Between both of his articles he covers nearly everything you need to know about getting started with Facebook ads! In his first post, he focuses on five best practices marketers can use to generate higher performance from their Facebook ads. In his second post, he shares the best ways to get the most of your Facebook ad creative.

What are your must-read social media marketing articles from this week? Let us know in the comments below!