Smart Social Media Stories of the Week [July 13-17, 2014]


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It’s time for another round-up of stories about social media! To help you stay current with what’s happening in our world, here are some stories that caught our attention.

1. WhoWhatWear’s Inspiring Example of a Giveaway Campaign

Chelsea, one of our content creators, loves the blog WhoWhatWear. But this week she only had business on her mind when she saw the inspired Christmas in July Campaign they’re running. Any ShortStack user could build something similar using our Campaign Builder. Technically this isn’t a story but it’s so cool that we wanted to share it anyway!   Check it out.


2. Danny Brown: How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

We’re just jumping into Slideshare so we really appreciate this piece from Danny Brown. Each week he shares a presentation that he finds valuable and here he features one from Robert Clarke, a partner at Op Ed Marketing, a digital agency. In his Slideshare Clarke looks at how businesses can use social media to meet their business goals.

3. Entrepreneur: 5 Tips to Creating a Successful Content-Marketing Campaign

Martha Collier wrote a great post about how to make your content marketing campaigns more successful. Our favorite tip: Beware of constant self-reference!

4.  Inside Facebook: Is Your Facebook Contest Legal

Facebook contests remain a popular way to engage with users. This downloadable PDF has all the current 411 about what’s legal and what’s not.

5. BloggerJet: 11 Twitter Widgets That Make Your Blog a Magnet for New Followers

Who doesn’t want learn more about how to get more followers on Twitter. There are lots of widgets that will help, including the ones written about here.

 6. Social Media Examiner: How to Get More Leads with Creative Social Tactics

The leads you collect via social media can be very valuable. Here’s a look at how to get more of them.

What did you read this week that you think we’d like? Please share with us in the comments below.