Smart Social Media Stories of the Week: August 11-14, 2014

Posted by Chelsea Hejny on 15 Aug 2014 / 0 Comment

Last Thursday, August 7th, 2014, it was announced that Facebook will no longer support like-gating after November 5, 2014. This is big news for Facebook marketers.

To keep everyone up-to-date on the upcoming change, this week’s list of Smart Social Media Stories consists of our must-read posts about the update. Let’s dive into them! 

1. No Like-Gate, No Problem: Three Alternative Strategies to Drive Facebook Value 

Shoulet, an enterprise social relationship platform, describes in their blog post three strategies businesses can implement to drive value with Facebook.

2. Facebook Shuts the Gate on Likes 

In a post by CMS Wire, a social media news source, they cover what companies can do to increase their social ROI now that like-gating is going away.

3. No More Facebook Like-Gating: What It Means and Why You Should Care 

On his blog, one of our favorite Facebook marketers, Jon Loomer gives a detailed explanation of what Facebook’s latest change means for businesses.

4. Facebook Demolishing the Like Gate 

If you want a quick summary of what Facebook’s upcoming like-gating ban is about, take a second to read this article from Inside Facebook.

5. I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days. Here’s What It Did to Me 

With so much talk about Likes recently, a reporter from Wired magazine decided to do an experiment: He Liked everything he saw on Facebook for two days. The results of his test were really interesting and well worth reading about.

Readers, what are your thoughts about Facebook banning like-gating? Let us know in the comment section below.