Small Google+ Design Change Looks More Like Facebook




If you share links on Google+, you may have noticed a small, yet positive change this week.

That’s because link posts have been redesigned to include larger images, and cleaner titles. Links posted to Google+ used to include a small thumbnail photo and a blue, underlined link. Now the images span the entire post and the titles are black, not blue, and don’t have any underline at all

Google+ Link Shares

The new design is on top, with larger photos and no blue link for the title. Below is the old design for link posts on Google+.

Image: Mashable

It’s a small change, but one that looks much more visually appealing than before. A company spokesperson confirmed the new look is available to all users, and Mashable first noticed it on Wednesday. Links that were shared previously still have the old look, but any new posts that include links should feature the new design Read more…

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