SkinnyMe Tea Uses On-Site Promotions to Increase Email Sign Ups by 758%



SkinnyMe Tea is an Australian based health and lifestyle company that specializes in high quality teatox products. They opened up shop in 2012 on the Shopify Plus platform and have rapidly grown into a recognizable brand and the leader in the space. SkinnyMe Tea offers additional value to individuals with their teatox iPhone app, nutritionist approved eating plan, free exercise plan, and fantastic customer service!


SkinnyMe Tea needed a more effective email list building strategy to pair with their MailChimp email marketing campaigns. They also were looking for a way to drive more sales through on-site efforts. Lastly, SkinnyMe Tea wanted to distribute their free eating plan to more website visitors.


SkinnyMe Tea implemented a 5% off coupon pop up promotion in which visitors could enter their email address and instantly receive a coupon code on-site. This effectively presented their promotional offer to visitors while also acting as an email opt in form. SkinnyMe Tea added another pop up promotion to distribute their free eating plan to visitors who subscribed to their newsletter.



By implementing the coupon and gated content promotion on their website, SkinnyMe Tea increased email opt ins by 758%! The newly acquired emails were automatically fed into their MailChimp email marketing campaign enabling them to immediately reach out to new contacts.

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By offering a coupon on site, SkinnyMe Tea was able to increase their sales conversion rate by a full 1%! While this may sound like a small increase, it’s far from it. Here’s an example based on estimations. If a site gets 100,000 monthly visitors and they increase their conversion rate by 1%, that’s 1,000 more sales. Multiply these 1,000 sales by an estimated average order size of $ 25 and you get $ 25,000 of additional monthly revenue! That’s $ 300,000 additional revenue per year.

Key Takeaways

Add Value with Content

It’s not just for blogs, content has its place in e-commerce as well. SkinnyMe Tea continues to add to the customer experience with their exercise and eating plans. By doing this, they are able to offer additional value to customers which builds loyalty and drives traffic back to their site. Start investing time and resources into developing relevant and useful content for visitors; It will enhance your brand and shopping experience.

A Small Change Leads to Big Results

It’s easy to become satisfied with e-commerce success and be happy with the way things are with your shopping experience when you’re having success. But the reality is that there is an incredible amount of sales opportunity out there and you can capitalize on it. A growing email list and an increase in conversion rate, can result in a substantial boost in revenue!

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