Skiing behind a car is one way to get around during a blizzard




The blizzard that hit the north-east parts of the U.S. brought a ton of snow and traffic problems, but one person saw it as an opportunity to have some fun on skis — while being towed by a car

In a video posted to YouTube Tuesday by Alex Paige, we see a skier performing tricks while being towed by an Audi car on a street somewhere in Maine

Though the street in the video appears to be completely empty, it’s probably not wise to attempt such a feat, even if you’re a great skier, as it might be dangerous

Check out the stunt from another perspective, below

The blizzard hit New England hard on Tuesday, though it largely spared New York City, where city officials shut down schools, roads and public transportation in anticipation of far worse weather. Maine was not so lucky, with some towns in the state seeing more than 25 inches of snow in the last few days. Read more…

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