Six Ways to Spot a Social Media Superstar


ImageSocial media marketing is one of those marketing activities which some people and businesses seem to struggle with.

Others, however, seem to have a natural flair with it, effortlessly engaging with their audiences and attracting attention regularly.

The social media superstars always seem to get noticed, shared, liked, and engage a consistently-increasing audience online.

So, what does it take to become a social media superstar? Why do some businesses succeed at social media marketing, whilst others seem to struggle on, barely making a dent of impact on social media platforms, and not gaining attention and sales from it?

Here’s my top six traits of a social media superstar:

* Consistency

Social media superstars are consistent – they post and share content consistently. There’s no examples of posting six items then disappearing for a fortnight: these superstars post great content, day in, day out – and their audiences love them for it.

* Generosity

Social media superstars are generous – giving time, hints and tips for free as an active part of their social media marketing. No spam, just useful nuggets of information which their audiences can act upon and benefit from.

* Exclusivity

Social media superstars are exclusive – they value their audiences on social media platforms, and give them exclusive content. The best of the best. Nothing highlights how much you value your audience more than exclusive content, giveaways and offers.

* Authenticity

Social media superstars are authentic – they have an authentic and consistent tone of voice, to the point where their audiences feel they know them in person. Their authenticity puts an audience at ease, at comfort, and keeps us coming back for more.

* Positivity

Social media superstars are positive – and I don’t mean the posts on social media platforms which chant the usual, formulaic ‘be the best you can be’, ‘you’re awesome’ and similar cliched content. I meant heart-felt, genuine, real, attractive positivity.

* Humility

Social media superstars are humble – they listen to their audiences. They value their inputs, and respond accordingly. The most successful leaders in life and business have a genuine humility which inspires their followers, and creates real rapport online.

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