Simple Social Media Rules For Real Estate Agents


Gone are the days of using Yellow Pages and emails to market your company. If you are not using social media today, you are sure to lag behind your competitors.

Realtors are considered as the best marketers in an offline environment. They are brilliant in connecting with local market. What they are not very good at is applying these qualities in social media (Well, most of them are, if not all!).

Real estate is a business that flourishes on in-person connections, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no need for these companies to nurture their social media presence. Social platform has created a momentous shift in how we communicate and provides a way further to connect with your audience.

It is a must for all real estate companies to follow these rules for social media marketing:

The Power of Listening

Any conversation has two parts: talking and listening. While the former gets the most attention, latter is really the secret to success in social media. Before posting anything on social media, search what your potential customers are asking for on different platforms. You will be surprised to see people searching for you already.

Social media is a powerful tool to understand market trends and the competition. Pay attention to what people in your community are talking about and what your competitors are saying.

Accept and Acknowledge Mistakes Instead of Hiding

We understand how tough this can be for businesses, especially when it comes to a public arena like social media. However, admitting mistakes is an important part of a successful marketing strategy.

Mess-ups and uh-oh are inevitable moments in the social media world. It could be possible that employees post at the wrong time, mix their personal and company pages, or be inadvertently insensitive. Mistakes can happen to anybody, but when that happens, we should fess up to it and proactively.

Deleting a negative comment is a mistake, you should not fall for. This could harm the reputation of your company more. Responding to negative comment like angry madman is something you would not want to do here.

Engage With Your Audience

Are you wondering why people are not responding to your posts? May be you are not asking any question. Spend some time in doing research about what people in real estate would look for and spark an engagement with the customers by asking questions.

Ask them about the new place and get answers from your audience what they like about it. This would require you to branch out from simply posting content on your social media platforms. Make sure you are fully committed. You need to make your audience think and willing to respond.

Remember – Real Estate is Local

Selling a home is more than just the home – it’s also the local parks, restaurants and schools in the area that matters. Rather than just posting listings, get customers involved in the Facebook postings made by you. Show off your neighborhood. This shows your passion and knowledge where you are selling homes.

For example, if there are local parks, school districts or a new community center. Post about it and how it will help make their lifestyle better. The audience would love that hyper local information.

Never Ask Your Audience to Like You, Give Them Reasons to Follow You

People would follow you if they find your tweets/posts valuable and you are a delight in conversation. Being a business, you cannot ask anyone to follow you; else it would make you desperate and not put you in a best possible light.

Build relationship with the influencers and keep your focus on how to get more followers on social platform.

Wrapping it up

Do everything on social media that can help your audience meet their goals on social media and in turn they would help meet yours. Right from posting relevant content to offering to connect with users and other real estate professions, this should be part of your day-to-day operations.

Today’s real estate business is fully online and going social. Social media practices have finally become a standard practice in the industry. The platform has a huge potential to promote your real estate business and connect with the audience that was never possible before.

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Renuka Rana, Editor at AceCloudHosting DotCom spends considerable part of her time in writing about technology including cloud computing, QuickBooks hosting and Smartphones. When not writing, she loves to dig deeper into knowing the best and the latest technology in industry.

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