Show Me Your Face: What Google’s Author Rank Means For Internet Marketers


Show Me Your Face: What Google’s Author Rank Means For Internet Marketers  image bernadette coleman authorship 300x220If you follow my blogs you know I am a big advocate of Google’s Authorship and Google Publisher Markups. One of the other most important aspects of running an online business is establishing your own brand. A brand can be personal or impersonal, but you need one either way. For marketers who don’t mind being the center of attention, a personal brand can work very well and Google Authorship and it’s Author Rank algorithm is introducing some changes that will make building a personal brand much easier — and more important than ever to embrace!

 Another Google Algorithm

As we all know, Google uses calculations called “algorithms” to generate its search results. Whenever a Google algorithm is introduced or updated, internet marketers face new challenges, or gain new opportunities. As usual in our world, Google is currently in the process of rolling out another algorithm called Author Rank. This algorithm will ranking web pages not just by backlinks, quality content, and layout, but by the author’s reputation. That’s right, YOU!

This means that authors themselves will be ranked by Google. You may have noticed pictures appearing next to items in Google’s results, indicating authorship. As Author Rank is rolled out and further integrated into the search algorithms, you will see that photographs will start appearing more frequently. Google and the rest of us SEO experts have found that users are much more likely to click on one of these results than on one without a picture.

Author Rank is, essentially, Google’s way of looking at any given author’s contribution to the web in a particular subject, and then ranking the author against everyone else writing on the same subject.

 When Google See’s You

When Google sees that an authoritative writer has written a particular piece of content that is highly relevant to a particular search query, that piece of content will likely get a boost towards the top of those particular search results.

Put Yourself Out There

This will be a huge advantage for marketers who like putting themselves “out there.” If you can churn out really good content, week after week, and other people find it helpful and share it, you will soon find yourself establishing a good Author Rank reputation.

Remember, though, Google never does anything without its own interests in mind. So in order to benefit from Author Rank, you must sign up for — and engage with — Google+, which is Google’s social networking platform. This will serve as Author Rank’s “central registry.” This is Google’s attempt to finally trump Facebook. By integrating Google+ into the all-important search results, Google hopes to draw massive attention to it.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to use social media in your online marketing but haven’t been able to derive any direct benefits, you will probably get a lot more traction with Google+. It’s going to directly tie subject-based social activity to search results.

If you don’t like social media, you may have more of an uphill battle ahead. The day of the faceless, fly-by-night internet marketer (or even the legitimate, anonymous type) may be drawing to a close. Author Rank isn’t going away at any time soon — in fact, its influence is only going to increase.

So, if you love being in the social spotlight, dig into Google+. You will increasingly see huge benefits in the search results.

If you don’t like being the center of attention, you may have to find someone who’s willing to pose as your “mask.” Either you or they can write the content, but there has to be a face now, because Author Rank needs to be able to point a finger at somebody.

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