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ShortStack Responds To Facebook’s Revamped Promotions Guidelines With Comment/Like Importer


Facebook application creator ShortStack reacted to Facebook’s announcement Tuesday that third-party apps are no longer required to create promotions on pages with a new feature that allows page administrators to collect and import likes and comments from their status updates into a database, after which they can both pick random winners for their contests and save those data for future marketing efforts.

Page admins can also ask users for additional contact or demographic information when using ShortStack’s Comment/Like Importer.

ShortStack offered more information on how its new Comment/Like Importer works in a post on its Socially Stacked blog, saying of the new feature:

Facebook’s new change to its promotion guidelines makes it easier for businesses to host promotions and contests on their Timelines. Because of how quick and easy it is to host a Timeline contest, it’s likely that lots of businesses will see increases in engagement on their posts.

For businesses that will receive hundreds or thousands of entries — i.e. likes and comments — on their Timeline contests, organizing valuable contest data like email addresses and randomly selecting a contest winner might be difficult to do. ShortStack’s new Comment/Like Importer solves these two problems.

Readers: Do you think ShortStack and other Facebook app providers will be able to cope with the social network’s new promotion guidelines by coming up with features such as Comment/Like Importer?

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