Shopgate App Uses ‘Product Tagging’ for Mobile Commerce


Shopgate mobile commerceImagine easily purchasing the products you see in print ads with your iPhone.  “Everywhere commerce” is the vision of German app startup Shopgate, which will enter the U.S. market in early 2013.

Shopgate enables consumers take pictures of print ads and then purchase products within them using their phone.  Product tagging works without QR codes – similar to how Facebook identifies your friends in pictures and suggests them for tags. People touch the product tags, put the items into shopping carts and then purchase products via a mobile storefront.

Shopgate has a great UX.  Watching this app work, you can see how seamless mobile commerce can be in the future.

Here is a 30 second Shopgate product tagging demo.

If you can see it, you can buy it.

Shopgate executives say “Products as POS” (Point of Sale) is the future of mobile commerce.

Combining mobile purchasing ability with offline advertising creates interesting new dimensions for ad agency creative directors and technology teams.  It will be interesting to see new concepts for ad campaigns paired with innovative purchasing flows in the future.

ShopGate’s product tagging + purchase functionality only works for the 800 companies using ShopGate technology, but you can see mobile commerce’s larger potential in this app.

Who is Shopgate?

Shopgate is a German startup.

Shopgate’s founders started and sold a leading mobile payments platform in Germany.  Dieter Kartmann, Andrea Anderheggen and Ortwin Kartmann are now using their mobile transactions expertise to create next generation mobile shopping experiences.

Shopgate Products

Shopgate works with both product companies and retailers.

Shopgate offers full spectrum of mobile commerce functionality in addition to product tagging.  QR codes, mobile coupons, product catalogs and API based integration with their platform are all available.

Shopgate creates both native apps and HTML5 mobile sites.  Native eCommerce Apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  Mobile storefronts are accessible via the phone’s web browser, and can integrated with existing eCommerce sites though partnerships with major platforms like Magento, OS Commerce.

Shopgate has impressive momentum. Shopgate has strong traction in Germany, is live in 4 countries and recently won a Red Herring Top 100 Global award.

Shopgate launches in the US in early 2013.

Readers, how well do you think Shopgate will compete with apps you know of in the US?

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