‘Sharknado 2′ Premiere: A Social Media Storm

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Are you ready for the storm?

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There was a storm of anticipation swirling in anticipation of the premiere of “Sharknado 2: The Second One” tonight. Premiering on the Syfy channel at 9 p.m., it was already trending on Twitter more than an hour before it made its bloody debut. In this sequel, the vicious shark-filled twister strikes New York City, affecting both citizens and its most famous landmarks alike. People on Twitter were already taking a bite out of the buzz surrounding the second one.

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Oh, and there’s sky surfing on a shark so that’s fun.

So as the Syfy channel refers to it, “grab a chainsaw” and prepare yourself for the cheesiness. Twitter was abuzz with trends, including #Sharknado2TheSecondOne and Sharknado 2.

What better of a way to open other than on a plane and having flight attendant Kelly Osbourne asking April (Tara Reid)  to sign her new book: How to Survive A Sharknado. As they encounter turbulence while landing in New York, Fin (Ian Ziering) is still clearly traumatized by all of that sharknado craziness. It’s no hallucination ’cause BOOM, shark hits an engine. What else would happen?

Plenty of gore in just the first 10 minutes, including April’s hand being bitten off. As if wielding bombs and guns in the last “Sharknado” movie wasn’t enough, apparently Fin can also fly the plane–”Welcome to New York,” he says as he gracefully brings the passengers to safety. And who else would report the landing but “The Today Show’s” Matt Lauer. Later? Al Roker is shown doing the weather report.

April’s book also gets publicized on “Live! with Kelly and Michael” and minutes later Billy Ray Cyrus as April’s achy breaky surgeon. Let’s play how many celebrity cameos we can have in one movie!

In just the first half hour, the celebrities making cameo appearances and various Sharknado hashtags were taking over the trend section. And the sharks were about to take over the city as well.

The ominous twister of sharks drives everyone out of a Mets baseball game and into the subway. Then maintenance workers get majorly pummeled by water and an alligator. Wait, what’s an alligator doing in this movie?! Back to the subway, it becomes infested with the sharks, even trapping Fin in one of the cars…and coming out with a little shark biting his hip.

But hey now, Fin needs a gun or a chainsaw to save the day but “you don’t wanna go to Jersey.” Saved too late for Daymond John from “Shark Tank” who gets pummeled by the head of the Statue of Liberty that just keeps rolling down the streets of Manhattan. Back to the reporting of the sharknado, Al Roker deems it a “twister with teeth.” Seems legit.

Trying to save themselves from the shark-infested flooding waters, everyone then has to swing to safety–except that the cabbie gets eaten. Then Fin has to jump over some sharks to get himself to safety.

At a New York Marriott, Fin attempts to shoot into the sharknado as it’s destroying Central Park. All while the lobby has an octopus just casually slam into the window. Then it’s time for some shark slaying.

April then completely comes out of nowhere on a fire engine. Come on, they have to save New York from destruction of “biblical proportions” before the two sharknado twisters converge! The Empire State Building’s fate rests in the hands of Fin. Good thing he got a chainsaw. Aaaaand he completely slices a shark in half. Just when you think it couldn’t get any crazier it absolutely does when April joins Fin up on the Observation Deck and slices another shark with her circular saw of a hand.

Just when you thought it could;t possibly get any stranger, Fin cuts through another shark all while the “Live! with Kelly and Michael” show is being interrupted. Kelly stomps on one while Matt Lauer and Al Roker stab one with an umbrella. Oh, and he saves his wife’s arm from the shark so there’s that, complete with engagement ring and all. The day is saved once again, especially when the fireworks get set off. Well then.


Were you keeping up with the tweets during the movie?

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