You’ve crammed the first three seasons into one viewing marathon, sneered at King Joffrey, and cowered behind the sofa when the wildlings appear. Now travel to the Game of Thrones set destinations that have captivated audiences across the globe, put together by Black Tomato. On this nine night holiday fit for a Khaleesi, visit the locations that have helped bring Westeros and Essos to life, from the windswept mountains of Iceland to the sun-kissed shores of the Adriatic Sea. We’ll take you to the terracotta hued city of King’s Landing to the contrasting wild landscapes north of The Wall with savvy guides who helped scout for locations for the show.


City of Kings

Fly into Dubrovnik, one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful walled fortresses, and spend the next four nights at the Villa Dubrovnik overlooking the UNESCO site and fictional capital of the Seven Kingdoms – King’s Landing.

After a good night’s rest, you’ll be met by your guide for your private tour of the city dubbed ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’. One of the most iconic and notorious locations from the series, you’ll be taken to Srd Hiil to soak in the beautiful panoramic views of the old city set against the blue waters and surrounding islands. Next up, you’ll reach giddy heights as you climb the city walls, an uninterrupted flow of ramparts almost 2 km in length. Pass the Pile Gate and relive the stories of how King Robert Baratheon fought his way to power, and how the Targaryen family were exiled from the land. For a last stop on your tour of King’s Landing you’ll stop to take in the magnificent views of the Blackwater bay, the site of the bloody battle when Stannis Baratheon tried to take the Iron Throne from King Joffrey. Head back to your hotel and catch the sunset before a king sized feast of incredible seafood.

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