September’s Champion of the Month: Rick


Prezi Community is a forum to share your ideas about Prezi with each other – and also a good place to get support from other users or from the staff. We are introducing the new Champion (the most active user of last month) of the community: Rick!

1. What part of the world are you from and where do you currently live?

Although I was born in New Jersey (USA) and did the majority of my growing up in Miami, Florida, I guess that I consider North Carolina home. I have been in Greensboro, NC for the last 19 years.

2. How did you first find out about Prezi and how do you use it?

I first learned about Prezi a few years ago, when I attended an educational conference. One of the discussions that came up was the use of presentation tools as a way to relay information to students.  As I think about all the presenters that I have seen, only 1 or 2 have actually used Prezi as their presentation tool; most still rely on Powerpoint for their presentation. Unfortunate for use because we are most likely going to see too much text on a given slide as the presenter reads to us.  Being in the educational field, I find myself not being able to use Prezi as much as I would like to use it. My students have come to expect material being presented in a certain format.  With this in mind, I tend to use Prezi for specific presentations that I will give. An example is a recent presentation at the University of North Carolina on Technology in Education. The presentation wasn’t done as a way to deliver material in a step-by-step fashion as I do at school. It was used as a way to give a global view of the topic to be presented with a focusing of the individual aspects of the whole. Prezi also gives the attendees another way to see how presentations can and should be delivered while presenting in this type of arena.

3. How did you become involved in the Prezi GetSatisfaction forum?

My involvement with the Prezi GetSatisfaction forum probably started in the way that most others get involved with it. I had a few questions on aspects of Prezi that I wanted to know about and after doing a search, I quickly found the GetSatisfaction forum. The forum has been a great way to get answers, as well  as a great way to learn Prezi.

4. In what area of Prezi (or what topic) do you feel you have helped the most users out with?

I’m not sure if I have been helpful in any specific area, but I think that my helpfulness revolves around my being available to give suggestions. I do think that other users of the forum like to know that someone is actually out there reading their posts for help.

5. What are you doing professionally/in your spare time? How is it related to Prezi?

My favorite hobbies are those that are not work related. I have a lot of hobbies that continuously change. I ride a motorcycle(s), hang outside with two fainting goats, do a lot of work with my hands and really enjoy being outside.  Professionally, I am a full-time faculty at Guilford Technical Community College and teach in the dental department (dental assisting and dental hygiene).  Prezi revolves around the way that I teach- incorporate the use of technology within education. I constantly develop instructional media based on the creation of interactive, web-based media production.

6. Tell our users one interesting thing they don’t know about you?

I make wood teeth. No, not the kind that George Washington or you would wear. Wood tooth pins that my students earn for various things- high test score, helping out, etc…. Yes, it sounds odd; wood teeth. I would guess that I have made 2,000 – 3,000 wood teeth over the last 10-12 years.