Integrates with MailChimp for Curated Newsletters

Share has integrated with MailChimp to give content curators a way to build an audience for their digital magazines through email newsletters.

“Curators add context to content,” explained marketing director Arabella Santiago in a recent phone interview. Founded in 2010,’s platform helps people create topic pages out of subjects like technology, science, business, and the arts based on content aggregated from the web.

With the MailChimp integration, members will have a new distribution channel for the magazines they create on the site without having to build a newsletter themselves. 

Right now, brings almost 7 million monthly unique visitors to its curators through social networks, search engines, and other users. MailChimp has a user base of 2.5 million subscribers who send 4 billion messages per month.

Similar to the “lean startup” model pioneered by Eric Ries, ”We’re exploring the idea of ‘lean content,’” said Santiago. “Curation is an opportunity for businesses to to continue content strategy without using resources and time.”




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