School of Doodle: The Online Campaign to Unleash Girls’ Creativity




A new Kickstarter project aims to spark teenage girls’ creativity online — with a little help from Pussy Riot and Yoko Ono

School of Doodle has already received $ 86,787 on Kickstarter, exceeding its fundraising goal of $ 75,000. Maybe backers are drawn to the rewards — $ 5,000 will get you an original signed doodle from donors like Courtney Love, Arianna Huffington and Russian rockers-slash-activists Pussy Riot

The school the campaign imagines is an all-girls online art wonderland, where teenagers find inspiration through how-to videos by creative luminaries like Alice Waters, Kim Gordon, Marina Abramovic and Salman Rushdie. The videos will come with Doodle Challenges, prompting girls to create their own work and share it online Read more…

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