Scholastic: Kids See eBooks as Being Less Social Than Print


Ebooks may seem like the perfect format for social reading, but kids say that print books are still better for bedtime stories and sharing with friends, according to a report by Scholastic.

In the fourth edition of the Kids & Family Reading Report, researchers asked children ages 6-17 and their parents about their reading habits for both electronic and printed books.

From the study:

  • Kids say that ebooks are better than print books when they do not want their friends to know what they are reading, and when they are out and about/traveling.
  • Print books are seen by kids as better for sharing with friends and reading at bedtime.

Currently, there are limited options for lending ebooks to others. (It’s even harder to loan an entire tablet to a friend, especially if it belongs to Mom and Dad.) But it’s surprising to hear that kids enjoy their privacy despite the availability of Facebook and Twitter share buttons for them to announce what they’re reading to friends.

Since 2010, the percentage of children who say they have read an ebook has doubled from 25 percent to 46 percent. Half of the children who hadn’t read an ebook said that they would if they had access to one, according to the survey.

What do parents think?

“We are seeing that kids today are drawn to both print books and ebooks, yet ereading seems to offer an exciting opportunity to attract and motivate boys and reluctant readers to read more books,” said Scholastic chief academic officer Francie Alexander in a statement. “While many parents express concern over the amount of time their child spends with technology, nearly half do not have a preference of format for their child’s books. The message is clear – parents want to encourage more reading, no matter the medium.”

Image by Daniilantiq.

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