Sales: Profession Or Professionalism?

Sales: Profession Or Professionalism?

I’ve gotten tangled up in a number of conversations about “Sales Needs To Be A Profession,” lately.  To be honest, I’m relatively indifferent about the discussion about whether sales should be a profession or not.  But you can’t drag me off my soapbox on the subject of professionalism in sales.

The “Profession Of Selling:”

Usually when we talk about a “profession,” what we are referring to is a certification process.  That process often requires a minimum level of formal training/education, some level of practical. but supervised experience, and some sort of certification process–usually some sort of exam.

When we talk about “professions,” usually we use Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants as examples.  Each go through very tough education and certification standards.

Along with this certification come certain legal restrictions and responsibilities.  You can’t call yourself a Medical Doctor, unless you are actually certified.  You can’t practice Law in a courtroom, unless you are certified and a member of the bar.  You can’t sign off on a corporation’s books unless you are a CPA.