Russia’s Middle East Presence is President Obama’s Fault


The Middle East has been essentially under United States control since the second Gulf War. Then, we gave up control two years ago when the red line was crossed and President Obama chose to do nothing about it. His weakness, and ours, was placed in clear view for the world to see.

Nobody stepped up immediately and we were given another unfortunate opportunity to reestablish control with the Islamic State. With ISIS, we have the most valid reason to go in and fix the situation than we’ve ever had in the past. Unfortunately, the disastrous aftermath of the invasions of Iraq and Syria under the Bush Administration made it more politically correct to essentially ignore the Islamic State and give them free reign over the region. We went in when we shouldn’t have and we didn’t go in when we should have.

Now, Russia is making a play to be the dominant superpower in the region thanks to our Nobel Peace Prize winner’s inability to act for peace.

Perhaps more telling of this administration’s failures is the fact that Israel, our longtime ally and a country that has been worried about Russia since before the USSR fell, is actually stepping in to talk to Vladimir Putin and put their concerns at ease. According to Newsweek, they felt that they had to do it since President Obama wasn’t apparently not going to.

Netanyahu may have thought that Russia was no worry, given simple geography and the fact that American foreign policy and military strength had kept the Russians out of the Middle East for a half century. But then along came Barack Obama, and now the Russians have made a major move in Syria.

The American reaction—thus far, one phone conversation by John Kerry and one by Ashton Carter—will not have deterred Putin, so Netanyahu on September 21 flew to Moscow to talk with the Russians.

I’ve resisted being critical of President Obama because there has never been a shortage of voices speaking out about him, but this is different. This level of weakness by an American President is unprecedented. He’s making Jimmy Carter seem like a pit bull by comparison. The end of this disastrous Presidency cannot come soon enough.

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