RIM Reveals More Details About BlackBerry 10 [PICS]


BlackBerry 10 Lock Screen

You unlock a BlackBerry 10 device by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

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In May of this year RIM released a version of BlackBerry 10 to developers, providing those who attended its BlackBerry World event a “Dev Alpha” device with the OS preloaded on it, so developers would have something to help create and test apps for the new platform.

After BlackBerry World, RIM hit the road for a series of events called “BlackBerry Jam” where it passed out additional Dev Alpha devices to developers around the world.

Four months later, the company has now passed out 5,000 devices throughout all of its tours, and is closer to its final release of BB10. The first consumer devices as scheduled to arrive in early 2013.

Starting Tuesday at its BlackBerry Jam event in…
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