Review: Put THAT in Your Pocket


I’m one of those people who wants everything completely organized, at all times. This goes for the fridge, my room, even my computer. That’s why when I have about 13 tabs open on my Web browser, I get stressed and admit to feeling a little anxious. Call me crazy, I already know this. To solve this problem, I started using Pocket, the bookmarking app previously known as Read It Later.

How does it work? Once you’ve downloaded the Pocket app for your device, whether it be your desktop, iPhone, Android, Windows-operated phone, Kindle, etc., it’s simple. An icon will appear whenever you are browsing the internet which will allows you to quickly and easily save web pages. Once you have “Pocketed” the page, it will be saved to your Pocket List. There are various settings available for saving such as full web pages or the stripped-down version.

This app makes saving articles and videos for later extremely easy. Instead of keeping your browser open with article after article of Buzzfeed greatness, you now can save it in your Pocket for later. For me, Pocket has also been extremely useful when it comes to blog posts, allowing me to save an article that I want to write about or link to.

This is one app you definitely want. Pocket will keep both you, and your desktop more organized and efficient, without weighing you down!

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