REPORT: Page Likes Down 3% to 4% After Facebook Cuts Inactive Accounts


QuintlyPagesLikesChanges1MPlusHow were pages’ like totals impacted by Facebook’s move earlier this month to begin removing likes from memorialized or voluntarily deactivated accounts?

Social analytics provider Quintly broke up pages into two groups — those with fewer than and more than 1 million likes — and found that pages in the former group saw their like totals drop by an average of around 3 percent, while that figure was approximately 4 percent for the latter group.

Quintly said in a blog post:

With the new metric adjustment, Facebook does not count inactive accounts anymore. Accounts are considered inactive after users have not logged into the social network for more than six months. As well as that, Facebook stopped including deleted profiles in the total fan count. Through this adjustment, fan pages with more than 1 million fans lost more than 4 percent, on average. Pages that have less than 1 million likes lost slightly less likes, and their total fan count decreased by almost 3 percent on average. As seen in the screenshot below, the negative trend for smaller pages continues at the moment. These effects might persist for a while longer, but the “Fan Change Rate” will likely stabilize soon.

Even though many fan pages lost numerous fans, Facebook’s metric update is a positive adjustment for analyzing data, as figures will be more accurate and through that more reliable in the future. As social media analysis tools are calculating the ratio between follower count and engagement, figures will be more precise from now on, as deactivated people are not able to engage anymore.

Page administrators: How have your pages’ like totals been impacted since Facebook began this initiative March 12?


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