Reimagining Public Education


Editor’s Note:
In the first of a series of contributed articles that showcase ideas we think will spark conversation and make a difference in the world, Sam Chaltain examines how changing the way we see education can lead to better learning experiences. Sam created a prezi to showcase the ongoing work of filmmakers Tom and Amy Valens in capturing the unique educational approach of one Boston public school and to provide important resources on the subject of public education in America. 

I know we’re already two months into 2013 and most of us are focused on the year ahead, but, if you can, rewind back to last year for just a moment and think about what were the most talked about education stories of 2012?

I’m guessing your list looks something like this: Low test scores, the Chicago teacher strike, mounting student loan debt, Newtown. What worries me is that no matter what other stories you may recall, they’re all likely to fit into one of the following categories: content, conflict, or catastrophe.