Reddit Now Has An Official AMA App


Reddit is well known for its interesting AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews. Now Reddit has released a a free official mobile app for you to better browse and discover AMA interviews, which can be sometimes buried under the massive amount of content that the site sees every day. This makes for a much better experience overall.

A Reddit AMA is a type of post where celebrities, a person of significant stature in the community, or just someone with an experience they’d like to share spends time answering questions from Reddit users. The Q&A-style post has been done by tons of celebrities, politicians, and others with interesting backgrounds. Reddit has seen AMAs from President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin, to name a few.

As reported on Venture Beat, the AMA app lets you filter out questions that weren’t replied to by the (often celebrity) thread starter, meaning you can read the whole thing more or less as a straight interview. The app also helps you ask questions of your own, and has features to highlight trending AMAs or those in a given category.

Venture Beat goes on to provide a first-hand review of the app experience:

“Having played with the app for a bit, its actually provides a lot more functionality and easier navigation when compared to the Reddit IAMA subreddit, which is what inspired this app to begin with. You can log in with your Reddit account, and then select from over a dozen different AMA categories, including entertainment, journalism, food, crime, business, and many others. The app also allows you to see exactly what kind of data Reddit is collecting, which admittedly isn’t much. (Honestly, every single app maker could learn a thing or two by checking out the Reddit AMAs privacy section.)”

The AMA app is free and available for download on Apple’s App Store now. It will be available for Android later this week.

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