Real-Time Marketing: Go Beyond The Buzz


With more than 800 events happening each SMW edition, there’s a lot to keep track of behind the scenes. Globally, we monitor the conversation around #SMW13 and each of our cities, but each of our events have their own conversations happening as well. So, how do we do it?

One of our partners uberVU has us set up. You’ve seen our infographics following SMW; our data comes largely from their platform, which makes our lives much easier. But as many of you know, our partnerships aren’t one-way marketing schemes. We love highlighting the expertise of each of our partners. And uberVU is no different.

Recently, they released a whitepaper on Real-Time Marketing. Social media has brought real-time marketing to the foreground simply by changing the rules of marketing. With that shift, some businesses may need help making the adjustment, including learning the different types of real-time marketing and how to utilize them or if you need them. Real-time marketing is about delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. It’s also about having relevant conversations.

A story can go viral and become obsolete all in one day… timing is crucial for your social marketing messages.

We’ve read through uberVU’s whitepaper on marketing, and we think it has some great insights that every business can use. Download it today to learn how to:

  1. Find real-time marketing opportunities
  2. Set up your real-time marketing team
  3. Implement a monitoring strategy
  4. Create successful real-time content

With case studies and examples to learn from, we’re excited to share this with our community. Download it here and share your thoughts with us.

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