Ready For Facebook’s New Ad Campaign Structure?


NewCampaignStructureIntro650Facebook began prepping brands on how to adapt to its new campaign structure, which it began rolling out Tuesday, offering a video detailing best practices, as well as an introduction and resources, in a post on its Facebook for Business page.

The major change in the new campaign structure is the addition of a new level, ad sets, which will be placed between the two existing layers, campaigns and ads.

All campaigns will be migrated to the new structure once the changes are rolled out to accounts, but delivery, ad spending, and performance of existing ads will be unaffected, and historical data will still be available.

The social network described the process of being shifted to the new campaign structure in its Facebook for Business post:

How will I know my account’s been migrated to the new structure? Your ad account will be migrated to the new campaign structure within the next few weeks. Once your account’s been migrated, you’ll see a new tutorial in Ads Manager and in Power Editor. You’ll also see ad sets added to your campaigns and ads in the ads create tool, Ads Manager and Power Editor.

The migration will not impact the delivery, spend, or performance of your existing ads, and you’ll still have access to historical data for any of your existing campaigns and ads. You can continue to set up campaigns before your ad account is migrated; once your account is migrated, the campaigns will automatically migrate to the new campaign structure.

This guide (PDF below) offers an overview of the new campaign structure, as well as best practices for each of the three levels in the new structure. You can also find more information in the Help Center, which has been updated to reflect the new campaign structure.

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Facebook's New Campaign Structure