Ramzan Kadyrov: Instagram master and Putin’s iron fist in Chechnya




MOSCOW — Among all of the regional leaders in Russia, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov’s social media presence is far and away the most striking. And even though he has recently spoken out against using American social media networks, he hasn’t exactly stopped using his popular Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts

Besides the above three, Kadyrov also has an account on Russia’s most popular social media platform, VKontakte, as well as a LiveJournal blog

While his extensive social media presence seems to be at least somewhat managed, there is also a simplicity to its style that appears to show Kadyrov for who he really is — which is to say he is cleverer than many people give him credit for, and is a force for the rest of Russia to reckon with, whether it wants to or not. Read more…

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