Quora Flashes ‘Online Now’ Light to Deliver Faster Answers


quora, social networksThe question-and-answer platform Quora launched today a tool to allow users get answers faster: a label that notifies users whether others knowledgeable in their area of inquiry are online.

The feature folds into Quora‘s Ask to Answer feature, which highlights users who are knowledgeable in a given area.

“Ask to Answer suggestions identify people who are likely to provide a good answer because they have answered similar questions in the past. Starting today, if one or more of these people are active on Quora now, you’ll see an Online Now label and a blue button prompting you to ask the person to answer your question,” the company explained in a blog post.

Users can disable the feature if they don’t want their status displayed.

Quora has also improved the algorithm that displays which users are most likely to have relevant answers, it said.

The question-and-answer platform gets about a million unique visitors per month, according to Compete Analytics.

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