Quality is Essential to Successful SEO


SEO is a technique that many businesses employ in order to boost their search engine page rankings and help more people find them. Unfortunately, Google frowns upon people who are attempting to manipulate page ranks, and they frequently change their “magic sauce” to try to prevent this kind of manipulation. When Google changes algorithms, SEO changes, too – so what worked before may not work after. One thing that is consistent across iterations is the search for quality. If you focus on quality, you’ll find your SEO efforts paying off even through algorithm changes and updates. 

Google has Created an SEO Flight to Quality

When people talk about the “new” SEO, most of the time they’re referring to Google’s emphasis on quality. Google is paying special attention to concepts like links that are intended to manipulate page rank – hence the recent announcement that link schemes are bad. Google wants users to find high-quality results when they search, or users will turn to another search engine – and Google will lose its ability to monetize those users. So today’s focus on SEO is on quality in an attempt to out-think Google and keep SEO immune to changes to algorithms. 

Does Your Site Offer Quality Content?

Authentic, useful, high-quality content is the best basis for SEO that you can possibly create. With Google so highly focused on quality, it’s the one factor that’s not going to change in future search updates. If Google changes the way it looks at meta tags, that’s a quick fix. But as Google gets better and better at identifying “quality” content, you’ll find more and more trouble boosting page rank without this critical basis.

Spend some time investing in quality content for your site before you focus too much on SEO. Today’s good SEO practices follow naturally from quality content – you’ve got to have the quality in place before you can optimize it for search.

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