Prezi Users Win $5,000 in Data Design Challenge


The California Healthcare Foundation (CHCF) recently had a data design challenge to create a compelling visual narrative about rising health care costs. “The Picture of Health: A Data Design Challenge” provided a specific set of data that each team was required to incorporate in their work. The presentations were judged based on 40% creativity, 30% educational components, and 30% elegance.

First place winners, Christian Basa, Kyle Kim, Kwang Pak, and Ryan Roberts from Providence Health and Services Southern California, used Prezi to create their presentation. They were awarded $ 5,000 for their winning entry. Maribeth Shannon, a competition judge and director of CHCF’s Market and Policy Monitor program, remarks, “The team’s design is intuitive, colorful, and inviting. This creative presentation transforms complex data into a logical display that engages and informs the audience.”

Ryan Roberts, a member of the winning team and Innovation Manager at Providence Health & Services comments on Prezi, “Prezi allows the freeflow thinking and editing that I think falls short in other presentation software. Also, working with a team is a huge plus, it allows everyone to add their feedback without relying on the “driver”. If you want to change something, you can do it in real time.” He adds, “The collaboration aspect in Prezi was awesome, we could all edit the Prezi at the same time, which was key because we all have offices at different campuses” said Ryan Roberts, a member of the winning team, Innovation Manager at Providence Health & Services.”

CHCF has been making an effort to “encourage more accessibility and creativity when it comes to depicting data related to important topics, including public health, government spending, consumer products, and scientific knowledge.” Prezi was the perfect option for this competition! The winners were able to present their ideas in a dynamic and interesting manner using Prezi. You can check out the winning prezi, “The Landscape of Health — Picturing the Cost of Health Care over the Last Generation,” below. Great work!

The team’s whiteboard brainstorm for their prezi

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