Prezi turns 4


A look back at our humble beginnings

Every time someone creates a new prezi, we want them to see the best of our product—our latest features, the most intuitive interface, the easiest new ways to collaborate. But today, we want to share an artifact with you, something from our past. On the occasion of Prezi’s 4th birthday, we’re looking back over our company history and we’ve decided to show you the earliest versions of a tool that’s since been adopted by millions of people all around the world and has changed how we share ideas. These were created back in the early 2000s when Prezi was just the seed of an idea.

Before the launch of Prezi in April 2009, we were just a few ambitious and naive young professionals sharing an office with an architecture studio, working on something called ZUI (Zooming User Interface). This rudimentary prototype has developed into software with practical applications for millions of real people, and the team that now refines it numbers more than a hundred. From our early architecture roots, we’ve grown into a global company that continues to help people make their ideas beautiful.

We first envisaged Prezi on large-scale screens at conferences. Everything that has happened since our early pitches for funding has come so fast that it’s amusing to now see prezis on tiny mobile displays, let alone at TED conferences, and even in political advertising campaigns.

Join us in celebrating Prezi’s 4th birthday, enjoy these tidbits from our past, and stay tuned for the future.