Prezi through the eyes of Instagram


Prezi was created for people. The ultimate measure of any success we achieve is always expressed in terms of people. It’s a cliché, but you guys define us — you give our lives meaning. It’s my job at Prezi, as Senior Social Researcher, to find out as much as I can about how the world interacts with Prezi.

There are a number of tools at our disposal. Like most data-driven companies out there, we have dashboards, advanced analytics, usage logs, and reams of billing data. We spend our days (and nights) looking at charts, comparing tables, and tilting our heads to read Y axes. The information we collect is used for making strategic decisions, measuring the impact of design changes, evaluating our support, and setting targets. The qualitative analysis at Prezi is top-notch. And I think we do a good job using that data to help people better share their ideas.

It’s all very rewarding and worthwhile — don’t get me wrong — but decimal numbers, curved lines, and mean deviations are all rather impersonal ways of gauging how people truly feel about a tool that’s supposed to help the spread of ideas.