Prezi goes EPIC


Q&A with EPIC Magazine’s co-founder, Joshua Davis

Editor’s Note: Joshua Davis has made a career out of writing long investigative articles for top magazines like Wired, GQ, and the New Yorker. Several of his stories have been optioned for movies by large film studios. Now, along with Joshuah Bearman (who wrote the story that was the basis for Argo), he has established “EPIC,” an magazine for writers that want to write feature-length stories. With Prezi being all about the sharing of ideas, we were very excited to team up with Joshua to create a prezi that is a teaser for his first EPIC article. “The Mercenary” is a tale of love, gold, and guns that you can read for free on Medium. 

What convinced you that Prezi would be a great way of producing a teaser for the story?

What’s fun about the Prezi piece on The Mercenary is the immersive feel you get. The zooming across a landscape, the music, the ability to follow the narrative or jump around and explore for yourself. I think what we’ve created will give people a sense of the tone of the Mercenary as well as telling them something about what the story is about.

Quite a few journalists and publications have been testing out using videos as teasers for articles, and we thought that a prezi would be a great new addition to the mix.