Prezi Case Study: Prezzip


Editor’s note:
Roelof Hengst, founder of Prezzip, has a background in (experience) marketing and communications. Roelof is always on the lookout for business opportunities which fit his personal interests. Prezi came along and a match was there. He also used to manage a kiteboarding team and produced a television series.

Prezzip is a Dutch based company which offers hundreds of free and premium visual templates that support Prezi users building their presentations. You can mix and match from templates within their visual library and choose graphics that let you focus on your story. Prezzip is included in the Prezi Experts program and founder Roelof Hengst tells about how it all came about.

Why Prezzip?

I have been a Prezi fan for years and been working with it professionaly since 2010 after visiting Prezi in Budapest. We started making custom Prezis and helping clients getting started with workshops. In our search for great zoomable and isolated visuals we encountered problems; you need to be an expert designer or to be at least be able to rip files apart with Illustrator. Not very handy when you are not a design pro. There was no visual database available to support Prezi users. So my partner Renske and I decided to develop this library. A huge project which started a year ago. Currently we are speeding up the count and quality of the visuals. You can find complete Prezis, animations, photographs and isolated visuals in our webshop. We also help Dutch clients with Prezi workshops and we also develop custom Prezis.

Prezi Expert?

We are very happy to be handpicked by Prezi to be included into their Expert program. Recently we met fellow Expert Marcos of Presentaciones from Barcelona through this program. Marcos and his team make great animations and we have a platform to share premium content; a great match!

Who are your customers?

They come from all around the globe but mostly we may welcome North Americans and Europeans. We have an ongoing customer satisfaction research and found out our users come from all kinds of backgrounds; education, business but also designers found their way to our shop.

When do they use Prezzip?

To get inspiration for creating their Prezi; they search for a metaphore they can use or just a visual to zoom into without loosing quality. I just spoke to a client who complemented his Prezi with one of our animations. This Prezi was developed by a designer he hired earlier. He was especially fond with the animations which are quite expensive if you decide to let them custom build. Great to help him out!

What’s next?

The great thing about Prezi is that they develop great features which need a specific approach. The new 3D feature for instance opened a whole new productgroup in our shop. Now we are looking into the world with ‘3D eyes’; always on the look-out for great landscapes and textures. What’s in store? Time will tell as Prezi moves on rapidly! Great to be part of the Prezi-community!