Prezi Case Study: Brent Amer


Brent Amer is studying Education and Early Childhood at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand and frequently uses Prezi for his research presentations to effectively engage his audience. He has picked up Prezi quickly with the help of training videos and is now going to run a workshop teaching parents how to use the software.

Brent has found the zooming capabilities of Prezi especially helpful when giving lectures. He elaborates, “Some of my lectures at uni have been 50, 70 even 100 slides long and when lecturers try to go back, the fluidness of the lecture is greatly broken up when they try to find where their upto. The zooming canvas of prezi somewhat avoids this problem.” You can see one of his prezis below.

He is currently developing a project to use Prezi as a platform for sharing information regarding children’s learning and development, since there has been a push toward making digital profiles for children in early childhood centers. The setup he is working on would have “a canvas for each different child that the parents, teachers and child themselves can all access and develop in and fun exciting and unique way.” In addition, he would use Prezi Meeting to facilitate the discussion between parents and teachers.

Brent adds, “The potential for prezi in pre-schools, schools and uni is huge, I believe it is great tool for the next generation of creative digitally native children to explore and present assignments and group learning.” It is great to see all the different ways people are using Prezi throughout the world. The unique features of the software offer great new opportunities for communicating ideas.