Prepare your Home for the Zombie Apocalypse: Laminate Flooring vs. Carpet [Infographic]


It’s Halloween, and originally it was believed that this day of the year is when the veil that separates the living from the dead is at it’s thinnest – hence ghouls and ghosts are bound to run rife and cause mischief. Sadly that also means the chances of a Zombie apocalypse happening around about now is at it’s highest probability.

When preparing your home for the zombie apocalypse, there are some obvious things to consider; is you door reinforced, bolted and locked? Are all windows safely boarded up? Is your garden set up with proximity alarms, mines, and traps to limit the number of approaching zombies? We hope so. Sadly, many people forget another important feature – have you ensured you home is fitted with laminate flooring? Because according to this spooky infographic from NCF Furnishings, those with laminate flooring are statistically much more likely to survive a zombie apocalypse than those with carpeted floors, as the advantages laminate flooring brings to homeowners, and the disadvantages it brings to zombies, can lead to some bad (and sometimes hilarious) consequences for our groaning ghouls.

The thing is, zombies are mindless fools, and you can set up a range of obstacles and traps in order to slow them down and send them back to the world of the dead with laminate flooring. Take advice from NCF’s infographic, and douse your laminates with slippery oil to result in a pile of tumbling zombies, or why not use a laminate floor ‘power slide’ to beat down the zombies with plenty of added force from momentum?

NCF also helpfully point out that you can slide furniture across laminate floors much more effectively than you can slide it across carpets – and that’s super helpful if you need to block some doors and windows with heavy furniture to keep the zombies out.

So what do you think? What other Halloween home improvements would you do?

Prepare your Home for the Zombie Apocalypse: Laminate Flooring vs. Carpet [Infographic] image ncf zombie

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