Police Officer Shot In Ferguson As Tensions Continue To Rise


Police Officer Shot In Ferguson As Tensions Continue To Rise image Ferguson Police Shooting

A Ferguson police officer was shot in the arm on Saturday night. According to Tim Zoll of the Ferguson Police Department, the officer’s condition is not known at this time, however, they are expected to survive.

Protests have been escalating for more than a month in Ferguson, Missouri, after white police officer Darren Wilson opened fire on unarmed African-American citizen Michael Brown. The unarmed citizen was killed, and his body was left uncovered in the streets for more than four hours before he was moved to an SUV

News of the Ferguson police officers shooting was quickly spread around Twitter with very few details immediately revealed.

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Tensions in Ferguson have continued to increase. Protesters have demanded that Wilson be charged with Brown’s homicide. A Grand jury hearing is currently reviewing evidence to determine if an indictment should be issued.

On Thursday night Police Chief Thomas Jackson appeared in Ferguson to address protestors. Jackson’s appearance led to a scuffle and several arrests.

According to Kelly Jackson of KSDK News, a suspect in the recent shooting had not been determined. Police closed down the roads at West Florissant and Stein in order to conduct a search.

Chief Jackson also asked that protestors leave the scene of the crime, a request that was caught on video and posted to Twitter.

Police also formed an investigative barrier around the crime scene. The officers stood in line shoulder-to-shoulder in order to keep protestors at bay.

Apparently Ferguson protestors were not happy with Chief Jackson’s recently posted apology video:

As Twitter user Deray McKesson clearly shows, police are up in arms over the shooting and have increased their presence on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

More details to follow as they are made available.

[Photo Credit: Stephen D. Melkisethian]

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