Poking Your Ex On Facebook? Bad Idea


PokeIcon650An ill-advised poke didn’t quite land Houston resident Justin Pressler in the pokey, but it did put him in hot water with a judge in Brazos County, Texas.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the terms of Pressler’s probation were altered, requiring him to wear a tracking device on his ankle for one year, and prohibiting him from unsupervised Internet access for up to two years, with Lead Prosecutor Jessica Escue telling the Chronicle that Pressler cannot use cell phones with Internet capability, and adding:

He has to also give unrestricted access to his phone and any computer he owns to law enforcement and his probation officers at any time they wish.

If you think this seems like a harsh penalty for sending his ex-girlfriend a poke on her birthday, you might want to think again: The probation mentioned above was part of a sentence Pressler received last August after his conviction on charges of stalking, harassing, and burglarizing the home of that very same ex-girlfriend back in 2010, the newspaper reported.

According to the Chronicle, Pressler sent the offending poke about one month after being released from prison, and he admitted to the violation in court.

Readers: Will this story make you think twice before poking someone?