Podcasting for Business: Why Marketers Are Betting on Podcasts


Have you considered starting a podcast?

Would you like to discover how to use a podcast to grow your business?

To explore why marketers are placing big bets on podcasting, I interview Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi.

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The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

In this episode I interview Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi. Jay is the host of the Social Pros podcast and Jay Today. He’s also the man behind MarketingPodcasts.com. His company is Convince & Convert. Joe podcasts at This Old Marketing and Content Inc. He’s the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and the man behind the Content Marketing World conference.

Jay, Joe and I explore how podcasting has evolved since we all started.

You’ll discover how podcasting can help your business, how to work with sponsors and more.

jay baer and joe pulizzi podcasting for business

Listen as Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi share how podcasting can help your business.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:

Podcasting for Business

Why Joe and Jay started podcasts

Joe, who has been podcasting since November 2013, explains how encouragement and research led him to start a podcast.

His company did a gap analysis to find out the biggest difference in tactics between the most and least effective marketing professionals. Two tactics—books and podcasts—are the factors that made the difference. He noticed the audio version of his book Epic Content Marketing really took off, so he figured there must be something to audio.

Joe shares how his and Robert Rose’s podcast evolved. Joe recalls how once after their weekly phone call about what was going on in content marketing, he said, “We should have recorded that.” Robert asked, “Why don’t we?” They launched This Old Marketing the following week.

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose started their podcast in November 2013.

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose started their podcast in November 2013.

Jay started podcasting in January 2012, and just finished the third season of his Social Pros podcast, which totals about 150 episodes.

Jay explains that Tristin Handy, who was director of marketing at Argyle Social at the time, said, “Did you ever think about doing a podcast? We should do a podcast.” And Jay thought, “No and okay.” They got together and decided to create a show that paid attention to the unsung heroes of social media. Jay says it’s grown far beyond the expectations he had for it at the beginning.

Jay Baer's Social Pros podcast just completed it's third season.

Jay Baer’s Social Pros podcast just completed its third season.

Listen to the show to discover which podcasts I listened to when I started the Social Media Marketing podcast.

How podcasting helps their businesses

When Joe looked at the behaviors of those who attend Content Marketing World, he realized his core customers engage in at least three different content vehicles, such as the newsletter, magazine and/or webinars. It’s the third thing that’s the tipping point, so he figured the audio content could be what gets people to the event.

Jay says the Social Pros podcast allows them to spotlight their corporate clients, as well as interview potential future clients. Podcasting has become a strong lead-generation business strategy. It’s also helped Jay from a personal branding and awareness perspective, because it positions him (and his company) as a leader in the field.

Listen to the show to hear how podcasting builds customer loyalty.

Their new ventures

Joe’s releasing a new book called Content Inc., which will be out in time for Content Marketing World in September. Rather than just doing a book, he’s creating a platform.

For Content Inc., Joe Pulizzi is using repurposed content for his podcasts and upcoming book.

Joe Pulizzi is creating a platform for his latest venture: Content Inc.

“If it’s important enough to be a book, it’s important enough to be a bigger media property,” Joe explains. “You can launch an entire platform off of a podcast.” The Content Inc. podcasts are 7-10 minutes long, and reuse and repurpose his other content.

Jay recently launched Jay Today, which is three three-minute videos each week of him talking about social media, content marketing, business and life.

He started Jay Today as a way to maintain his own voice and continue to connect with his audience on a personal level. He worked out a system with his team that allows him to shoot it on his iPhone in one take and upload it to his team. It comes back the next day edited and then goes up on YouTube, Facebook, his website and iTunes as a video and audio podcast. They also transcribe it and make it a post on their blog, LinkedIn and Medium.

Every three-minute video becomes eight pieces of content, Jay explains. “While the audience for any of those channels is not huge, collectively the Jay Today audience is very large,” he says. “Sometimes when you under-produce something, it exceeds expectations.”

Listen to the show to hear more about launching with podcasts.

The intimacy that comes with podcasting

Both Joe and Jay have formed strong connections with their listeners.

Joe shares a recent encounter with a fan on the street, as well as how they now have a consistent group of people feeding them articles on content marketing.

Jay also sees the level of intimacy with fans as a plus. “Eventually you’re going to have to ask somebody to do something,” Jay says. “And if they feel they have a connection to you, the chance of them saying yes when the ask comes is way higher.”

Listen to the show to discover what percentage of Joe’s podcast listeners go to Content Marketing World and what percentage of our listeners go to Social Media Marketing World.

How to gauge the success of podcasts

Since the analytics available for podcasts are not that great, Jay says they look at the metrics that are available: downloads, where downloads are coming from and episode growth, as well as anecdotal evidence. They like to make sure their sponsors are happy and see if guests enjoyed the experience.

For Joe, his podcasts are revenue generators. Whenever they build an audience around something, they monetize it however they can. “It’s consistency and engagement and that will equal revenue,” Joe says. “You just have to make it work for you.”

Jay talks about his new site MarketingPodcasts.com, which is the very first search engine for marketing podcasts. He built it because it didn’t exist. There are 475 shows in that database already.

MarketingPodcasts.com is the first and only search engine for podcasts.

MarketingPodcasts.com is the first and only search engine for marketing podcasts.

To be successful at podcasting, Jay explains, new podcasters need to listen to other podcasts of similar types and see what they can do better and differently.

Listen to the show to learn what’s driving the growth of podcasting. 

Ways to work with sponsors

For the This Old Marketing podcast, Joe’s team tells sponsors that they have to promote something that’s a relevant, educational content offering. They’ll then go through and approve it.

Joe says they’ll get the marketing asset. Then he and Robert will review it beforehand, and Joe will write his own overview. They get a unique Bitly URL to track it. Plus, when they do the overview post, they get another little promotion with a picture of the marketing asset. According to Joe, almost all of the clicks go through the blog.

this old marketing podcast sponsor

A small picture is used as part of the promotion in the overview post on This Old Marketing podcast.

Jay’s process is similar to Joe’s with one exception. They don’t have show sponsors, they have Convince & Convert sponsors. Those sponsors are part of their emails, on the blog and on the podcast, so they can maximize value for them in a cross-channel way.

You’ll hear Jay explain why he believes that podcasts help tie sponsors into multiple channels and why it’s a better result for them.

Listen to the show to discover the ongoing impact and benefits of talking about sponsors on your show. 

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