PMD Socialtyze, Rotten Tomatoes Launch Summer Movies App



Wondering which summer movies to watch? Socialtyze, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, teamed up with movie review site Rotten Tomatoes to help out. Through this online app, users can compete against Facebook friends in guessing which movies critics rated as fresh or rotten.

After connecting with the game through Facebook, players can take their best guess at whether the film is a must-see or a dud, according to critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

John Bohan, Socialtyze CEO, discussed the game:

It’s a cool app. You feel validated when you guess close to what the critics’ think, and surprised when you are nowhere near right.

Here are some more details about the app:

  • Players are given 10 preselected summer movies and asked to guess the critics rating score by moving their guess on the meter
  • Once a guess is made, players find out how right or wrong they were
  • Overall score is tallied and players are given an overall percentage
  • Scores can be shared throughout Facebook
  • After completion, players can see how their Facebook friends performed