Pinterest’s NEW Analytics Rock – Here Are 3 Ways to Use Them

Posted by Sara on 22 Sep 2014 / 0 Comment

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged into my company’s Pinterest account and was greeted with an alert that stated “See what’s new in Analytics.”

Pinterest New Analytics

Up until recently, Pinterest’s analytics options for businesses was abysmal. They focused solely on pins from your website and excluded pins that were generated from others’ websites or pins that you repin to your account.

Pinterest’s new analytics blow their old analytics right out of the water. They’re fresh, clean, easy-to-read and provide a plethora of new information that is actually valuable for businesses using the platform.

With 70 million users, Pinterest isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There is a lot that businesses can learn and can do with the social network. So let’s take a look at what you can do with Pinterest’s new analytics.

1. Get an Inside Look at Your Pinterest Profile

Pinterest Profile

The first aspect of your analytics you can dive into is an inside look at your Pinterest profile as a whole.

From this analytic you’re able to track your boards and Pins to see new profile metrics that will show you which of your Pins and Boards appeal to other Pinterest users.

Once inside your Pinterest profile analytics you can see your Impressions, Repins, Clicks and All-Time.

Pinterest Profile Inside Look

Under Impressions, Repins and Clicks you can access your profile’s average daily numbers, average daily visitors, and most popular Pins for that metric.

Under All-Time you’re able to access your most shared Pins, the Pins that have ranked higher in search and your Power Pins. Power Pins are Pins with a high mix of repins, clicks and more.

The default setting is for the last two weeks of your Pinterest account activity but you can adjust the timeframe to fit your needs.

Accessing these numbers puts the power of your business’s Pinning success in your hands. With access to what is and isn’t attracting your audience you can tailor your Pins to reach the maximum amount of people and attract new eyes.

2. Get an inside look at your audience

Pinterest Audience

Under the audience analytics you’re able to get an in-depth look at your followers’ demographics and interests.

Pinterest Audience Inside Look

Pinterest now provides aggregated data from the last 30 days that will tell you what your average monthly viewers were and what their engagement was like from day to day.

You can also discover where your audience is from, what language they speak and what their gender is.

When you hop into interests, Pinterest does a great job of gathering up your audience’s top interests, which can help you attract them with your Pins. They even share with you the other businesses your audience engages with the most.

3. Get an inside look at activity from your website

Pinterest Website Audience

Pinterest still makes it easy to discover the activity your profile is receiving from your website, but now they’re digging deeper and offering up more information.

From within your website data analytics you can see Impressions, Repins, Clicks, Original Pins, All-Time and Pin It Button.

Inside Audience

The Impressions, Repins and Clicks are similar to the stats underneath the “Your Pinterest Profile” tab, except this time they’re talking about the views Pins from your website get on Pinterest.

When you hop into “Original Pins” you’re able to see the unique Pins that have been created directly from your website. This means someone has taken something from your website and Pinned it to their board, they didn’t re-pin it from you or someone else.

Lastly, you can choose to place the “Pin It” button on your website and see how Pins created from your domain send you referral traffic from Pinterest.

Now that we’ve taken a tour of the new Pinterest analytics, lets discuss some tips for using these new, awesome analytics to your advantage.

1. Further Target Your Pins

Chances are you’ve been Pinning things that you think your audience wants to hear about. They’re probably related to your business and include free resources, infographics, product images, educational materials, etc.

Now that you can discover which of your Pins are doing the best, it’s time to buckle down your Pinning strategy.

Looking at ShortStack’s analytics, I see that a majority of our Repins are on our Facebook focused Pins. This tells me that our audience cares about tips and tricks for Facebook and news for the social network. We actually don’t have a Facebook board, but maybe we should.

However, when I look at the Interests of our audience some of the top things that come up include Shabby Chic Decor, Furniture and Weight Loss. While none of these interests has much to do with building social campaigns with ShortStack, I could start Pinning some office decorating Pins or articles about staying healthy in the workplace. This way I’m still bringing it back to something that is interesting to business owners, which is our target audience.

2. Pin from Other Influencers/Businesses

You’ve heard the benefits of linking back to influencers to help push your content and social media posts. It’s one of the most powerful Twitter practices out there; re-tweet an influencers Tweet, they say thanks, you say you’re welcome, they start paying closer attention to your Tweets and hopefully they Tweet out your information. All of the sudden you’ve built a connection with a variety of influencers who are sharing your content.

Pinterest just made this popular social media strategy easy to bring to their platform. Under the audience analytics use the Brands section to re-pin Pins from the brands that your followers love most.

For us our followers are fans of Etsy, WordPress, HelloSociety, Mashable, Visually and Twitter.

3. Adjust your Website

If one of your goals is to have people Pinning from your website, the new analytics is a great way to evaluate your website. If your Pins are low, chances are you’re not offering enough “pinnable” images.

You can also see what is being Pinned and make sure that piece of information, image, or resource is clearly visible and accessible on your site. If people are Pinning something a lot, it’s clearly a valuable resource that they want access to.

What do you think of Pinterest’s new analytics? Do you think businesses can benefit from taking some time to look them over and learn about their audience?